Upon the sudden death of Jewish drag queen Letitia Von Schabernacket, closeted Essex geezer Michael Small is left a small fortune and fifty percent shares in a notorious Soho drag club, Sugar Sugar. But to inherit, he must become a drag queen at the club for six weeks under the guiding hands of his new drag sisters Connie and Chastity, as they try to unravel the devious plan that’s hideously thrown them all together.

Sibling rivalry with Connie is hard. Though motherly Chastity does the best he can to hold it together through ladies nights, weddings, funerals, drugs deals, seances and sadomasochism.

The bitch owner of Sugar Sugar, Madame Fifi, doesn’t make things easier… her shady past has made her naturally suspicious of strangers. And the club’s darling elderly ‘woman what does’ Edith and doorman Daisy are just caught up in the drama of it all.

But complicated secrets surface and it appears Michael has more in common with Sugar Sugar and its glittery inhabitants than he could ever have imagined.


The second edition re-issue of Jeff Kristian’s debut comedy novel Where D’Ya Put Yer Willy? available as a Paperback, eBook, iBook and Kindle.

Originally released 2012, this edition is from 2015. An Audio Book version and Soundtrack Album of the songs from the book will both be available from Mr Binks Media soon, as well as the book’s sequel - the long-awaited Where D’Ya Put Yer Willy? 2.

“Highly recommended!” ALBA MUQUEL

“Fab book, great, still reading it, funny!” KYLE SANDERSON

“Just back from Spain, read the book whilst over there, omg it was FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAB really enjoyed it! I couldn’t put it down, peeps at the poolside thought I was mad sat laffin out loud!” CHRIS CONROY

“It’s brilliant… very funny and keeps you guessing !!! A must for anyone who loves to laugh and read!” ANDREW ROBLEY

“Absolutely brilliant writing, grabbed my attention from line one. Funny, course, irreverent and completely bonkers!” RICHARD FITT - AUTHORS ONLINE

“It’s so funny, I dare you not to LOL! It’s also very rude have had to look up many things!” JOANNE MARTIN

“An Armistead Maupin-like roller-coaster ride through a dark, mysterious and very funny world.” COLIN SAVAGE - BBC

“Can’t put it down. When is the second book on the way?” RICHARD RHODES

“This is piping hot throughout with hilarity, involving seances, strange gardens, ice-cream vans, CCTV, strippers and drag queens, and has many original songs peppering the pages. It is highly enjoyable and rivetingly easy to read. Brilliant book! Already read it twice and about to pick it up again.” ROBERT INGHAM - PINKWIRE MAGAZINE

“An effervescent comedy masterpiece of murder, betrayal, deceipt… and gorgeous frocks!” BRIGHT PEN

“I’m taking it away with me again, will be like revisiting an old friend, love it, love it, LOVE IT!” CHRIS CONROY